Non Crystalizing 70% grade
Chemical NameD-Sorbitol
CategoryFood additives, raw material of VC
Molecular formulaC6H14O6
Molecular wt.182.17
H.S. Code2905440000
CAS No.50-70-4
AppearanceColourless syrupy liquid
Dry Substance by wt%70.0 min.
Water content by wt%30.0 max.
Refractive index1.4575 min.
pH in 50% DS aqua sol.5.0 – 7.5
Specific gravity by g/ml1.290 min.
D-Sorbitol by wt%71 – 83
D-Manitol by wt%8.0 max.
Resistivity by µs/cm10 max.
Reducing sugars by wt%0.15 max.
Total sugars by wt%6 – 8
Nickel by mg/kg1.0 max.
Iron by mg/kg1.0 max.
Chloride by mg/kg10 max.
Sulphate by mg/kg20 max.
Heavy metals as Pb by mg/kg1.0 max.
Arsenic as As2O3 by mg/kg1.0 max.
Sulphated ash by wt%0.1 max.
Non-crystalizationNo crystal at -18ºC in 24 hours
Total Aerobic Plate count by cfu/ml100 max.
Fungus by cfu/ml10 max.


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