Sodiumcarboxy Methyl Cellulose

Molecular formulaNa(C6H9O4OCH2COOH)n
CAS No.9004-32-4
AppearanceWhite to cream colored powder
Viscosity (1%slu, mPa.s)2000~2500 min.
Degree of substitution (D.S)0.6 ~ 0.9
Moisture (wt %)10.0 max.
Purity (wt %)99.5 min.
pH value (1% solution)6.0 ~ 8.5
Lead (Pb/ppm)3 max.
Heavy metal (ppm)10 max.
Arsenic (ppm)2 max.
Mercury (ppm)1 max.
Cadmium (ppm)1 max.
Yeasts and molds100 cfu/g max.
Total plate count1000 cfu/g max.
E. coliNegative in 5g.
Salmonella spp.Negative in 10g.