Polyquaternium - 10

Polyquaternium - 10

Product name:Polyquaternium-10
Product Code:PQ-10
CAS No.:68610-92-4
Properties & Application:PQ-10 is a kind of water-soluble cationic cellulose, it is compatible with all kinds of surfactants, it features with anti-statics, good conditioning, it’s a popular cationic polymer used in personal care products. PQ-10 has many functions like thickening, colloidal stability,water retention, anti-static, wetting,smooth etc. It can repair damaged hair and split ends when used in hair care product. It give hair superior wettability and combability. It can lower irritate caused by surfactant, renew self-protection of skin, let skin have elegant feeling when used in skin care products. Recommend dosage is 0.1%-0.8%
Packing:25kg/paper drum
Appearance(25°C)Light yellow powder
Loss on drying(%)≤6.0
PH Value(2% aq solution)5.0-7.0
Ash Content(%)≤3.0
Viscosity (CPS/25°C)300-500


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