LCB 713

Product Information
Chemical NameBlack Pigment
Commodity NameCarbon Black
CAS No.1333-86-4
Technical Specification
Avarage original particlal size (nm)29±2
Bet surface area (m2/g)130±20
DBP Oil absorption (cc/100g)74±5
pH value10±1
Tint strength VS IRB 3 (%)≥110
Volatile content (%)1,6±0,2
Density (g/l)180±20
Packing & Loading Information
Packing10 Kg craft paper bags
Loading6 MT/20 Ft Container
Shelf life2 years under proper storage condition*
Proper storage condition: Keep container tightly closed, keep in cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from the direct sun light, keep away from strong alkali and oxidizing agent.