COVID -19 global situation

13. 4. 2020

In this difficult situation of COVID-19, we are still striving to keep all our shippments on time as much as possible and deliver to clients on agreed terms. There have been and still are some difficluties, however we are shure that with joint cooperation together with our clients we will manage to overcome all off them. Situation will improove sooner or later, we just need to keep strong and ride it out.

Wish everyone to stay safe and helathy.

Lukem team

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LUKEM d.o.o.
Tiranova ulica 38
1000 Ljubljana
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IBAN: SI56 0510 0800 0018 81 (ABANKA d.d.)

IBAN: SI56 3000 0008 0050 062 (SBERBANK d.d.)

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LUKEM d.o.o.
Tiranova ulica 38
1000 Ljubljana
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